What is Quranology?

There are two sides to Quranology; a) it is an unique social platform, with the Qur'an as the subject of discussion, b) and/or it is an unique interactive Qur'an application, where users are equipped with a whole range of study tools and materials, that will help them enhance their knowledge of the Qur'an.

Powerful Features

There are many great and powerful features packed within the Quranology App that makes it stand apart from
any other Qur'an apps out there, which are usually no more than an ebook.
It is the next generation Qur'an app. Here are some great features:

Multiple translators

For the non-Arabic reader to compare and make their own understanding

Search any word, phrase, or verse

Making it easy and instant capability of putting a subject together for easy reading and research


So users do not need to remember
where they left of


Users can create customised groups with others to study the Qur'an and discuss it’s contents

Note Book

The useful facility for serious students to keep their own notes


Clever students always highlight a point to remember


This can help keep organised for those that easily forget


A built-in classical Arabic dictionary for academic users

Features you can not miss today


Any portion of the Qur'an can be easily and instantly shared with other platforms


Allows users to create unique profiles to promote their interests, causes, or fundraise with others


Users can give and receive friend requests creating their own personal social surrounding to discuss and learn about the Qur'an

Live feed

Posts from others gives the users plenty to be occupied with


Upcoming features

Other features to be included in the near future

  • Urdu & Bangla translations
  • Hifz

  • Learning Arabic
  • Comic strip

  • Quiz and Game
  • Conferencing

Screenshot Details

Client Satisfaction


Quranology can be used by virtually anyone, though it has the facility to accommodate serious students of the Qur'an, academics, and even critics. The only exclusion that has been obliged is anyone the age of twelve years and under. This is primarily for their safety alone.

Contact Us

Mo. 07450077312
Email: info@quranology.co.uk


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